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  A 3 minute video introduction from the Founder, John Ibbitson

 The FIRM's mission is to build wealth for it's members and their families now and into the future, We achieve this through quality property investments and related management services achieving adequate rental returns while growing equity.

The FIRM was created in June 2000 with 1,760 members and has grown today to a membership base that exceeds 9,000 members with property purchased by members exceeding $25 billion.

Our members' financial success is built on a carefully planned and budgeted 10 year Personal Investment Analysis of each investment property with a prime objective to assist our members build wealth and provide for an abundant retirement.

The FIRM is expanding and currently establishing companies which will benefit all the members for the future.

We trust you enjoy the information that is provided to you through our web-site.

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Kindest regards,

John Ibbitson


+61 414 888 186

What our CLIENTS Say ...

My parents have been members of The FIRM for over 10 years and have 4 properties. John called over to see them for dinner and both Chris and I were invited. We explained to John that it was difficult to save a deposit as we were just married and p...

John & Colin B
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