Merry Christmas from all the team

“Thank you for being a great LANDLORD”
… from  your favorite tenants

 Good morning fellow members,

The following statements came from your tenants, despite their comments they continue to enjoy securing a better lifestyle for you when you retire.

I replied to your tenant on your behalf … See letter below from SANTA.

Dear Landlord …

Kitchen repairs
Dear Landlord, because I realise that some landlords can be rather particular about this kind of thing, I am hereby requesting your permission to remove my drawers in the kitchen.

I found a cockroach in my food. My doctor says I'm sick of it. Will you please send someone to fumigate?

Dear Landlord, our kitchen floor is very damp. We have two children already and would like a third, so could you please send someone to do something about it.

I am requesting urgent repairs to my stove. It causes backfires and recently burnt my knob right off.

Bathroom repairs
Dear Landlord, the toilet in the second bathroom is blocked and we cannot bathe the children in there until it is cleared.

My toothbrush got stuck in the basin. Please send someone to get it out, because I cannot wash my hair.

Dear Landlord, my toilet seat is cracked. Could you please tell me where do I stand on this?

I am having difficulty bathing myself. Please send someone to help with the bath.

Dear Landlord, our toilet seat is broke in half into three pieces.

Our toilet is blocked. The boys next door keep throwing their balls on the roof.

Dear Landlord, this is to let you know that our toilet seat is broken and we cannot get e-TV.

Plumbing repairs
Dear Landlord, my water has a strange colour and smells funny. It is too gross for me to taste. Please could you send a man to look at my plumbing?

The sewer is blocked and drain water is forming a dam. I don't think my dogs can swim in it. Please send someone to save them.

Dear Landlord, would you please send a man to repair my downspout? I am an old-age pensioner and need it straight away.

Dear Landlord, there are spiders that climb up the water spout, and when the rain comes, they come out. Can you please do something?

Dear Landlord, would you please send a repairman to fix the bath tap? It is very uncomfortable for us, because my wife got her toe stuck in it.

Dear Landlord, I woke this morning and found my water boiling.

Exterior repairs
Dear Landlord, will you please fix our cracked sidewalk? Yesterday my wife tripped on it and fell pregnant.

Dear Landlord, remember the broken paving stone I reported? It was too small to repair back then, but I have broken four more pavers since then. Please send someone to repair them, before I cause more damage.

Neighbour complaints
The woman next door entertains men at all hours of the day. They get quite loud sometimes. Please do something before my husband decides to go over there himself.

Dear Landlord, this letter is to inform you that there is a terrible smell coming from the man next door.

The guy next door has a large erection in his back yard. It is dangerous and unsightly. What can I do about it?

Dear Landlord, I want to lay a complaint about the farmer across the road. Every morning at 5:30 his cock wakes me up, and it is getting too much.

Dear Landlord, I want to complain about the neighbour's dog. It barks all hours of the day and night. It leaves little "gifts" in front of our door. I might still get used to the noise, but I find the poo hard to swallow.

Other complaints
Dear Landlord, when those repairmen were here, they stuck their dirty tools in my wife's new white drawers and made a mess. Please send some men with clean tools to finish the job and keep my wife happy.

50% of the walls have rising damp, 50% have plaster crumbling off them and the other 50% are just plain filthy.

Dear Landlord, my wife hurt her ankle very badly when she put her foot in the hole in your back passage. Can you please cover it up or something?

Dear Landlord, could you please tell me when our repairs will at last be done? My wife has now become an expectant mother.


Have a great Christmas break!!!

Chat soon!


October/November 2011

"Tour of Duty" continues ... Newcastle

1st - 4th December Mackay

5th - 12th December Hobart

Good morning fellow members,

What a wonderful time meeting up with all our established members in Newcastle during the week, thank you for your support. It was lovely to catch-up and reminisce over the past 20 years of investment properties. Thank you also for referring your friends, naturally we will be looking after them with our high ‘Standard of Excellence’ in the same manner that you are accustomed.

I was particularly impressed with our departure from Newcastle as the Australian Air Force jettisoned from the Airport in appreciation for our visit. (Ha-ha!)

Tomorrow, I will be up north in Mackay for a week visiting as many members as I can, so, expect a knock at the door and have the Tim Tam’s ready.

Then I will be visiting lovely Hobart from the 5th to the 12th December, so for those members that I have not confirmed please call me.

I must say, even though it is exhausting I am really enjoying catching up with everyone and thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality.

See you soon!


"Tour of Duty"


Good morning everyone,

It was indeed a pleasure to meet with many familiar faces and also new faces whilst I was down in Canberra. It certainly was a lovely welcome visiting so many members and their children who are all grown up now since my last visit. Time has just raced away.

I must say their restaurants and hospitality service down there is far superior in comparison to other parts of Australia… Well Done!!!

Timing was impeccable as President Obama arrived to meet me, to discuss the many opportunities that Australia has to offer however I was too busy catching up with everyone else … ONLY JOKING … Ha-ha!!!

I was also invited by one of our preferred developers to attend an Expo whilst I was visiting members in Canberra. I was very impressed with  Homecorp who offer a full turn- key housing solution to investors targeting high growth areas around Northern Queensland and Australia that fit into our property port-folio budgets. You will be hearing more about them soon!

I was amazed whilst I was visiting new members I happen to park in front of a building opposite where they live and noticed the sign …
“the firm chartered accountants”
Everyone wants a piece of the action … Ha-ha!!!

I will be going to Newcastle this weekend to continue my “Tour of Duty” so, if you are available for a coffee and Tim Tams let me know. Have a great week and we will chat again very soon.

Good afternoon everyone,

Well, what a crazy couple of months –

·         5 Funerals of friends and family,
·         Our daughter Natasha’s Engagement,
·         A quick visit to Canberra to meet new members,
·         Launch of The FIRM’s Holiday Club,
·         Gold Coast V8 Supercars,
·         Party Time in Sydney for a reunion,
·         Qantas strike,
·         Bank Interest Rate drop,
·         Melbourne Cup Day

       …  and I am still going at a million miles an hour … Where has all the time gone … PHEW!!!!

For all those new members, our Newsletters are all about people, so if you have something you wish to share, please do not hesitate to forward the information to me.

Our aged ANGELSfrom Mac Mahon's Manor

Natasha and Tim's Engagement

Dance Encore Productions Reunion Party was absolutely fantastic as we reminisced over the special and exciting times that we all shared with Mac Mahon’s Manor. Bruce & Leslie Scott produced over 30 of the most spectacular shows to a packed house over 7 years at The Manor, each show keeping audiences spellbound by the extravagance of costume design, choreography and the razzle dazzle of light and sound.

Mac Mahon’s Manor was the place to be seen for all social events in Sydney, something that I have always been very proud of to create, this was due because of all our team, working in harmony, who maintained the highest level of standards that legends are made from. Thank you for being part of our life as we move into the next chapter.

The next chapter of course, being The FIRM which has now been operating for over 11 years. It is ironic that many members remember visiting Mac Mahon’s Manor as customers, nothing has really changed where customers are now members of a different era, whose needs have changed with time, to be financially independent through to retirement and to maintain a comfortable lifestyle for the future.

I trust our team of professionals are still maintaining the high level of standards, so they too can become legends. 

For all those members in Canberra, I will be coming down again on the weekend of 12th November, so why not call me so we could meet for coffee as I would love to catch up.

If you have anything you wish to share with us, just drop us an email.

Have a great weekend!

Chat soon! 

94th EDITION September 2011

Dad always enjoyed touring the world on his favorite Cruiseships

Good afternoon Fellow members, Friends, Family and Associates,

On behalf of my Mum, friends and family, thank-you to everyone for your wonderful support, flowers and condolences.

Thank you for coming to the funeral. Your presence was truly appreciated. At times like these, the company of friends is incredibly comforting. Thank you.  

A special mention also to Wayne Fuller and Tony McCloud from A Gentle Touch Funerals for their encouraging council, your presence and  professional manner in our lives recently makes the fact easier to remember and keep the faith. Thank you.

A very special thank you to our youngest Ibbitson, my son Jayden (12 years old) who offered his emotional Eulogy which will never ever be forgotten.

An excerpt from my Eulogy -

…There was no-one on this planet that new me as well as my Dad.

He knew me all of my life , as I knew Dad most of his life.

Whilst Dad was not always there with me he was always there for me.

He is still there, his smug grin and that knowing twinkle in his eye will never leave me.

This is not farewell; until next time when we see each other again Dad, take care.

Thank you also for those who assisted in the preparation of the Wake at Mum and Dad’s home to celebrate Dad’s life.

Thank you everyone! 

93rd EDITION August 2011

Barry and Ros Porter celebrating Seniors week

The talented Barry Porter tickling the ivories for us going back for as long as I can remember when he played our Grand Piano every night in our fine–dining Restaurant in Mac Mahon’s Manor, Hurstville, Sydney, nearly 30 years ago.

Sweet memories as Barry played all the classics over dinner and then later in the evening after everyone were well and truly relaxed, used to muster around the piano singing all the old time favorites, mostly out of tune …Ha-ha!!! …The good old days!!!!

Mac Mahon's Manor Established 1979 to 1988


Talking of the good old days, remember when I told you that we had an Entertainment Complex in St. George area called Mac Mahon's Manor and for all those members who dined at our Fine Dining Restaurant, or the Theatre Restaurant at  Mac Mahon’s Manor, back in the 80’s, there has been a special Dance Encore Productions re-union organized for late October for no apparent reason except to all get together to compare aging wrinkles with all the famous celebrities, dancers, musicians  and entertainers.  … PARTY TIME!!!!

I will keep you posted.

Chat soon! 


92nd EDITION May, June and July 2011

Good afternoon fellow members,

My apologises for the lack of communication recently as plenty of things have been happening recently.

Well, getting back in the world of reality has been extremely difficult with flashback memories of all the good times, serious times and the difficult times I shared with Gary, I can now sympathise with those who have lost someone very close and the pain that follows. Again, thank you to everyone whose sent their support through email, cards and flowers our family really appreciated your kind generosity and well wishes.

The (new) Boardroom II An opportunity has arisen to consider shares in The Boardroom II. We are currently conducting our due diligence to confirm the viability of this very well presented 100' Super-yacht which arrived recently from the USA.

I look forward to receive your Expressions of Interest.   


The FIRM Construction Company and The FIRM Technologies are currently in discussions with one of Australia's largest Development companies as a joint venture initiative for our Modular Housing projects. Naturally, we will keep you updated as we proceed.

Melbourne Overpriced After a decade of record growth rates in Melbourne, where house prices have climbed 133% since 2000, the outlook for the next 10 years is predicted to be in stark contrast.

The prediction comes from a group of the country's leading economists who warn Melbourne’s residential property is fundamentally overvalued.

AMP Capital Chief Economist Shane Oliver and Grattan Institute Program Director Saul Eslake - the ANZ's chief number cruncher for close to 14 years – both agree that Victoria will avoid a US-style property crash.

Instead, they believe house prices will continue to slide from their current single-digit growth rate and stagnate for five to ten years, as wages growth slowly again catches up with median house prices.

The Victorian capital is among some of the world's least affordable cities. Melbourne’s median house price 6 years ago was approximately 3.5 times the average annual income, where currently it is around 9 times that figure. In comparison the figures are 6.1 for New York and 7.2 for London.

Traditionally, the ripple effect will flow over to the Gold Coast, so be ready for accelerated growth for the future. There is no better time to consider expanding your property port-folio than now. Check out the bargains ... http://the-firm.com.au/hot-property.html
Enjoy your day!                                                  


91st EDITION March 2011

Good morning fellow members,

Trust you are all having a relaxing Sunday in the perfect climate where it is not too hot and not too cold, if not, then you obviously don't live on the Gold Coast where it is perfect one day and better the next ... Ha-ha!!!

Unbelievable busy 3 months where all our plans for The FIRM over the past 5 years have all merged together. Must have something to do with the rainbow that landed on our front lawn. I want to take this opportunity to thank all those wonderful members and business associates who have dedicated their time to establish the ever expanding world of The FIRM.

Personal highlights for the month were also very busy with young Jayden (pink) competing for State finals for the Karawa SLSC Nippers, Serina and her new bike, and of course our stunning niece Alannah getting married at Sanctuary Cove.

Enjoy this Edition!


  • Welcome to new members
  • The FIRM Technologies
  • The FIRM Construction Company
  • The FIRM Building Society
  • FIRMWOOD Estate
  • Established Investment Properties
  • In closing


On behalf of all The FIRM members, we are proud to announce our new members and associates for the past 6 months. A warm welcome to our exclusive and exciting group. I do apologise if I have missed anyone.

Interesting to note that we have now lapsed into our third generation of members since The FIRM was established. Well Done!!!!

Total current membership 8,421

The FIRM Technologies

Our first shipment of our light weight concrete panel arrived from our factory in China last week along with sample of all the fittings, fixtures and PC items watermarked and labeled under The FIRM. It is our intention to introduce The FIRM Technologies catalogue to our 28 Developers at a very competitive rate so we can pass on the benefits to all the members for the next developments.

The FIRM Construction Company

The Fast Innovative Rapid Modular Construction Company has some very exciting news for our modular housing system. After 5 years of research and development we are in final stages now to announce our 3 Building Contractors, the largest in Australia, to cater for our enquiries. Plans will be released soon for our first display of modular homes to be constructed in Coomera. So, if you wish to be the first to invest in the worlds leading technology when we launch of The FIRM's first official modular home, then stay tuned.

As you are aware we have been swamped with enquiry,

  • Malaysian Government's Low Cost Housing 1,700 Link Homes in Sabah.
  • New Zealand's earthquake victims. One of the largest builders for NZ, accompanied by the Insurance company are arriving next week to discuss a contract they have for 2,000 homes.
  • The most recent, initial discussions with the large Charity Foundations have allocated funds to rebuild homes for the Japanese victims. I have been invited to attend a very important meeting in Asia to discuss the final details in the next couple weeks.


After 2 years of constant applications and hurdles preparing the formation of The FIRM Building Society to APRA we exhausted our budget to continue. So, last Christmas we made a monumental decision not to continue. Recently we were introduced to some new colleagues which may have re stimulated some new information for a possible joint venture. We will keep you upto date as we progress.


Coomera Gateway Foxwell Rd, Coomera, (my Dad's property) next door to the newly constructed University has now a Development Application Approved for the first high-rise in Coomera. This has set the precedence for FIRMWOOD Estate to apply for multi-storey application. A meeting with landholders has been set to discuss the final offer so we can proceed to apply for the Master plan to FIRMWOOD Estate.


As most of our long term members are aware we have maintained and expanded our property port-folio over the past 20 years. Those initial properties are all starting to age now and are not performing as well on our Tax benefits. Repairs and maintenance schedules are increasing and they basically are all looking tired. We are currently considering to establish a 2nd Hand Division within The FIRM where some of our new younger members who do not have the borrowing capacity to purchase new property however they maybe in a financial position to consider "established property". Our new The FIRM Construction Company can do some amazing revamps and facelifts at affordable rates which will stimulate an affordable market for new members. Interested to hear your feedback.


Have a great month and remember - "Pay attention to the future because this is where you will spend the rest of your life".

Well, this completes another newsletter as we continue to keep you upto date with the latest news and results as they happen.

Looking forward to hear from you regarding any matters, concerns, questions or praises any time. I am on the air every day to answer your call.

If you missed any of the Newsletters please refer to our achives http://the-firm.com.au/the-firm-s-newsletter.html

Stay tuned for another exciting episode ....until next time, keep Healthy WEALTHY and Wise.


90th EDITION February 2011

CHINA Connection


Good afternoon fellow members,

As you are all aware we had a very strong relationship with China over the years especially with The FIRM Technologies (Beijing).

Due to public demand 8 Realty had been formed 6 months ago to target our Asian market with a very sucessful outcome of motivated property investors targeting the Gold Coast Premium property market.

Our first wave of investors arrived on Sunday focused on our Premium Showcase of properties that we have to offer.

Now we have a broad range of properties to suit every market providing Finance, Legals and Tax advice to our International market. Please share this information to family and friends as this is the best compliment you can give.


Brisbane Flood Victims BBQ


Support Recovery Team

Before and after shots
Just drag your mouse over the black line

Dear members,

Thank you to all the members who supplied all the cakes and cookies on such short notice for last Tuesday. We collected over 50 to 60 cakes in total with Annette guarding them away from me just in case I had the sweet tooth urge.

The Lexus was loaded to the rafters with enough food, to feed an Army. Bottled water, Cakes, Tea & Coffee and Saville Butchery provided 1000's sausages at below cost for us, thanks Trevor, really appreciated.

Annette and our neighbours Jen and Roger left early in the morning not knowing what to expect. We had plenty of media coverage however nothing prepared us for what we experienced in real life. It was a war zone. The Lord Mayor's office positioned us in an Industrial area where the water level reached over the 2 story buildings at Jindalee. Michael and his daughter Melanie from Chapel Hill were waiting to help set up. Word got out very quickly as the 'Mud Army' merged towards us.

I was amazed at their attitude, as everyone was willing to help. Everyone was so well organised yet there was no leader. Owners and workers worked together slugging through the rubble upto their elbows in mud. There was certainly a strong sense of community spirit which made me feel very proud that I was an Australian. "When things get touch then the tough get going"

Within a few hours we had served over 1,000 sausage sizzle when we received our next check point at Figtee Pocket. This area is positioned on a bend in the river close to Brisbane with beautiful waterfront homes. The force of the river decided to take a short cut and went through all the homes in a straight line. The owners were devastated escaping with their lives with their only possessions being the clothes on their backs. A lady approached me with a few photo albums thinking I was a local resident to see if I new the people photographed in the park behind me. She lived 5 kms away and found them in her front yard. That just goes to show you the force of the river where these residents jewellery, clothing, furniture, in fact everything had vanished.

The Local Member arrived and explained the support and recovery plans to the community. These people are destitute and really appreciated our efforts, then the enviable happened at the end of the day where the skies opened up with a deluge of rain. This time everyone was happy as it washed away the dried mud and dust and cooled down a 36 degree day.

Amanda Walton, Walton's Finance was going up to visit the Lockyer Valley the following day with a truck load of food so she called in to pickup the remaining 600+ sausages and cakes. Speaking to her earlier today she said that her response was amazing as she is going up again tomorrow with her 5th truck load of goodies. This time the truck is full of toys for the children.

As most of you would be aware some insurance policies do no not include coverage for flood. In addition, Amanda has also arranged for a drop off zone for all non –perishables for these victims. We encourage you to donate items that these people can use especially toiletries, toys, linen and anything you can think of that you would need to live. We have been in contact with residents in Lockyer Valley and they are pleading for help stating the area is like “war zone”. Some of these people still have not seen their friends and neighbours and probably never will.

If your location is the Gold Coast you can drop items off to The Walton Company Offices Suite 1 /175 Ferry Rd, Southport, Qld.

Call Amanda on 0417 605 661

For updates go to the Face book Page


We also received a lovely letter from the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority -

On behalf of MIDA, I would like to express my sincere sympathy to all Queenslanders who were victims in the recent flood disaster. However, I was amazed by the community spirits demonstrated by Queenslanders when they helped each other in times of crisis. I hope you and your family are in good spirit and your business is back to normal. As Queenslanders are known for their courageous character, I believe Queensland will stand up quickly and be more prosperous than ever before.

With kind regards.

A. Khairuddin
Consul-Investment / Director
Consulate of Malaysia / MIDA Sydney
Level 6, 16 Spring Street
Sydney NSW 2000


One of our trusted developers, Trask Development Corporation have emailed a couple pictures helping out last Sunday. Jenny Love said "It was a moving experience especially with the shipping container on top of the garden shed.

Okay, again thank you to all the members, friends and developers who have continued to support these people and it will be interesting if more than 50,000 people from last Sunday will be apart of this weekends recovery.

So dig deep people and let’s make a difference.

Chat soon and have a great weekend!

Queensland Flood Notice

Good morning fellow members,

Thank you to all those members who called or emailed their concerns for our well being because as most of you are aware that we are surrounded by water with the Coomera River at the front of our place and the Canal behind us. We are okay for the moment however the tides are continuing to rise and the Authorities suggest that we will be okay.

Some businesses in Brisbane and Gold Coast are open however many have closed for the rest of the week due to the flooding of their homes or businesses. Those that have not be effected are closed rescuing family and friends from the flood areas. Some companies have activated Flood Management plans to ensure that all information is secure and their services are operational however offices are relocated to higher grounds to maintain business as usual. Please be patient as telephone lines may be limited.

As the Press have announced to limit driving to essential services only I have not been able to inspect any of our investment properties for you however at the moment speaking to one of our members a chauffer for a Limousine company said everything remains normal at the moment with no damage to property. This may change when the tide rises, however we a lucky at the moment as the rain has stopped and we have no rain today, so we may all be okay.

A recent media release by the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited (COSL) has urged Queensland borrowers affected by floods not to delay seeking financial hardship relief.

COSL has recently announced that past experience to date suggests that lender members and mortgage managers are prepared to genuinely consider requests for payment variations. Some of the key points where lenders could assist are:

· Suspending home loan repayments

· Providing changes to repayment arrangements eg. P&I to Interest Only

· Customers home loans may apply to defer repayments for up to three months

Each lender will approach the situation differently based on the circumstances and what policy exceptions they are prepared to make. Most will be fair and reasonable.

Our thoughts and best wishes for those members and friends that have been affected by the floods, and if there is anything that we can do please do not hesitate to contact us direct as we may need to structure "Adopt a Member" as we did with the Victorian Fire victims.

Most on-site managers for all of our developments will be in contact with you via email to give you regular up-dates.

For more immediate updates please check the web-site http://the-firm.com.au/news-headlines.html or email/ring me direct on 0414 888 186.

Stay tuned as we will keep you posted of the progress and chat soon!

89th Edition January 2011

Dear members,

Well, what a year, what a ride as 2010 has faded into a distant memory. So what is the big deal day of all days? Why is it after spending a few days off work with nothing much to do but eat too much, drink too much and spend too much, the prospect of the dawn of another January fires us with an unshakeable resolution to make ourselves someone better than we were a few hours earlier?

This year we will all eat better, exercise more, drink less, quit smoking, be less selfish, care more, look after the environment and donate more to the poor. We decide to be an all round better person. I was reading in today's paper that actually recent research statistics only about 12% of us actually carry our resolutions through to fruition, but nonetheless we are firmly (pardon the punn) and expressly committed to do our best to improve.

Look how we have grown since the foundation of The FIRM in the year 2000 to 2010 with now over 8,000 members.


The last 5 years have been focused creating exciting new related companies which has launched us onto the International market. (China, Malaysia, India and Africa)

  • The FIRM Money
  • The FIRM Management
  • The FIRM Technologies, Eco Paint, Eco Lighting
  • The FIRM Construction

Our impressive results this year would not be possible without your wonderful support which enabled us as a team to maximise our strategies throughout the past 10 years.

We have some very exciting news we wish to share with you soon for 2011 which will boost all the members of The FIRM into the next level of security and lifestyle, so stay tuned.

We look forward to seeing you all again and to meeting many of your friends.

So, what was your New Years Eve resolution?

Chat to you soon!

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