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The FIRM's mission is to build wealth for it's clients, members and their families.

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Our Portfolio includes

The FIRM has been assisting clients for the past 30 years in building balanced wealth, through a variety of strategies including

The Firm Bulletins


Established 2000
The FIRM delivers Bulletins, News, Reviews and Special Offers to all our members on a regular basis so they are kept informed of the latest information.
The Firm Insurance


Established 2000
The FIRM is now "LIVE" with our risk insurance services. Through a Joint venture wtih our colleagues Australian Global Insurance Services.

The Firm Property Management


Established 2003
Offering a full turnkey solution so your property is well maintained and in pristine condition, ensuring the highest rental income and increasing the value of your property.
The Firm Money



Established 2007
Providing financial planning, discounted property finance with attractive competitive rates. Stay tuned for the announcement of our new Building Society.
The Firm Construction


Established 2008
Offering a full turnkey solution so your property is well maintained and in pristine condition, ensuring the highest rental income and increasing the value of your property.
The Firm Financial Planning


Established 2015
Our financial planners are Australian fully certified  professionals who prepares financial plans for members. These financial plans often cover cash flow management, retirement planning, investment planning, financial risk management, insurance planning, tax planning, estate planning and business succession planning.
The Firm Accountancy


Established 2015
Professional chartered accountants covering business and personal finance management investment and retirement and taxation, offering a full turn key solution for all your taxable income needs.
The Firm Port Discovery


Established 2021
PORT DISCOVERY is one of the most significant waterfront development opportunities in Brisbane's inner-city for a generation, and amongst the largest ever land holdings in Brisbane. The site provides the rarest of opportunities gateway entrance to Australia to unlock the potential for a world-class urban renewal project.

A Message from the Founder

I am delighted to announce our brand new Company Profile which highlights all the services that The FIRM offers to our members around the world.

Founded on the 10th June 2000, starting over 20 years ago as a small boutique property investment company on the Gold Coast of Queensland,

The FIRM has since grown to 20,074 National and International members, delivered 152 News and Reviews Newsletters and sold tens of thousands of properties to first and second generations of families.

We have become one of the few residential property investment corporations with expertise covering all facets of property as the market leader offering a full service for Financial Independence & Retirement Management.

All this would not be possible without our experienced and dedicated team, who are all experts in their fields and passionate about their work. This team, combined with our ethical approach are why our members return to us and refer friends and family year after year. No wonder why we have gained a reputation as a Trusted Name in the Industry.

As part of our 20th anniversary celebrations we have decided after many years to evolve our image.

As many of you are aware The FIRM Technologies invested 16 years of research and development into producing our lightweight concrete FIRMTEC panel for modular construction. 28 factory built pre-production homes were delivered around Australia for testing durability and affordability.

The time has now come to launch The FIRM International Cruise Line to the market place.

Stay tuned for this Special Event in 2021 where you will ALL be invited to witness the delivery of our first Luxury Cruise Liner.

Thank you all for your ongoing support especially over these difficult times in the past.
And remember stay HEALTHY, WEALTHY & WISE until next time.

The Firm John Ibbitson

Kindest regards,

John Ibbitson

Founder/Executive Chairman

The Firm John Ibbitson

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My parents have been members of The FIRM for over 10 years and have 4 properties. John called over to see them for dinner and both Chris and I were invited. We explained to John that it was difficult to save a deposit as we were just married and p...

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