The FIRM Eco Crystal Protective Coat

The FIRM Eco Crystal Protective Coat - A recycled powdered coloured glass aggregate. CSIRO current ongoing testing through their accelerated Aging Chamber so far prove that after 30 years simulation for exposure to UV and all the weather elements has shown little to on change to colour or structural appearence ... Another world first!

Eco Crystal Australia was formed only a few months now and all ready have sold over 20,000 m2. We have been working with our manufactures Totally Crystal to bring to the market a green coating system that has no maintenance. Totally Crystal is a company owned by three partners with 64 years of experience in manufacturing of binders, glass sizing and coulouring also concrete filling and spraying.

After 4 years of exhausting tests, Eco Crystal can supply accelerated weather testing to 30 years with no signs of deterioration or loss of colour.Other testing involves Scrub testing to Australian Standards.(Non slip) and many more

Eco Crystal use only acrylics and crushed couloured glass to give maximum elasticity. As there is no sand or cement used in our product rust and stains are eliminated.

 Eco-crystal is a recycle colour glass aggregate pre-mix that is sprayed on in a single application to create a relatively smooth textured and stone like finish.
 It is designed for decorating, restoring and protecting the exterior and interior of buildings .It is low maintenance and readily acceptable for all kinds of commercial, industrial or home building. It comes in a variety of colour and can be sprayed on new and old surfaces that need a decorative finish.
 Eco-crystal decorative Wall –Floor and Roof finishes provide a classic look that can simulate granite, stone and solid finishes that are unique and unparalleled in the world by any other product that has been developed. The Eco-crystal decorative wall finish is Australian owned and developed and

Our product usually only needs one coat, sometimes depending on substrate we may need an undercoat in some areas to get an even colour.

Producing glass from recycled glass rather than raw materials uses 75% less energy. This is largely due to the much lower production temperature, which conserves energy and oil, and extends the life of the furnace. The energy saved by recycling a single bottle could light a 15-watt low energy light bulb for
24 hours.1recycling glass therefore results in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Australian glass bottles have generally 40 –
70% recycled content, which means that your bottles and jars go directly into the manufacture of new bottles and jars at an energy saving. For every tonne of glass recycled, there is a saving of 225 kg carbon dioxide. 2 Further more, using recycled
glass conserves more than 1.1 tonnes of raw materials per tonne.

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