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The FIRM is now “LIVE” with our risk insurance services. Through a Joint venture with our colleagues Australian Global Insurance Services.

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If you have Life Insurance, Trauma Insurance and Income Protection, check with us and see if you are paying new premiums that are available on the market today.

If you are considering Risk Insurance or you have seen the advertisements on TV, call The FIRM for assistance or complete the details on the Quick Quote to compare.   

A meeting with an advisor is not necessary unless you specifically ask for them.

Australia has very high non Medical Limits. This means that you are able to solve your family and Estate risk issues with Risk Insurance, without having to go to the  doctor.

Below are examples of non Medical Limits for Insurance.

Non Medical Sum Insured Limits
Up to Age 45     $2,500,000
Up to Age 50     $1,500,000
Up to  Age 55    $1,000,000
Up to Age 60     $   500,000
Up to Age 65     $   250,000
Up to Age 70     $   100,000



Non Medical Sum Insured Limits
Up to Age 45     $1, 000,000
Up to Age 50     $     750,000


Non Medical Sum Insured Limits

Up to Age 50     $    12,500 monthly benefit

The FIRM has access to all of the major Insurers and specialists, so click on ‘Quick Quote’ to see on line how easy this can be so see if you have sufficient protection.

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